Health Safety & Environment Policy

AIMS is committed to achieve and continually improve the high standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment in all of its construction and related activities. The Company intends to follow the global principles of sustainability with its inseparable social, economic and environmental elements.


The objective of AIMS Group's Health and Safety Environment (HSE) is that every Employee shall be encouraged to act responsibly at all times to prevent accidental damages, injuries and losses.

The Company set its course of action to work on these sustainability elements and is committed to:


Enhance QHSE awareness across the Company through Allied Integrated Management System (AIMS), by effective communication, training and best practices.

Establishing and periodically reviewing QHSE objectives & targets, to support and streamline the process of Continual Improvement.

Utilize the Company’s immense experience to identify, manage and mitigate the business risks that may hinder sustainability elements, in all its operations.

Verify compliance with internal and external requirements, and adhere to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 criteria.

Align our businesses, processes and practices to meet our community goals, e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), manage environmental impact & safeguard the quality of the end product.

Adaptation of best practices and controls to ensure prevention of injuries, ill health & pollution and to minimize HSE impacts through Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment (HIRA) and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Enrich the services to our clients by preserving social and environmental aspects, while safeguarding their expectations and meeting the project requirements.

Every AIMS employee is accountable for commitment to these elements as well as the Company’s core values and pledges to live up to the Company’s motto “PERFECTION IS OUR AIM”